The Trusted Optometrist Clinic Near Baulkham Hills

For all your eye care needs, from buying new sunglasses before summer, to restocking your contact lenses, to booking in your yearly eye test, Optometrists Parramatta is your local one-stop optometrist.

The customer-centred opticians

With more than 30 years providing optometry services to customers near and far, Optometrist Parramatta has grown a reputation for providing customer-centred, and affordable service at the highest quality. We help our customers with all their eye wear and eye care needs from childhood through adulthood. We pride ourselves on knowing our customers and their needs first hand and believe the closeness to our customers and our area is what makes us truly stand out from the chain optometrists.

Comprehensive eye tests and orthokeratology from experienced opticians

We provide a range of eye tests to make sure your prescription is up to date, that your contact lenses aren’t damaging your eyes, and whether you need glasses or not. If you are short sighted and want to make the leap to a life free from glasses, we provide orthokeratology treatment too.

An unbeatable range of sunglasses and glasses near Baulkham Hills

Are you looking for a great pair of UV protected sunglasses for the next festival, or are you looking for a replacement pair for your old faithful reading glasses? Are you perhaps looking for coloured contact lenses to wow the crowd at a party?

We stock a wide range of high-quality eye wear so that you will stay looking sharp while seeing clearly. We sell high quality glasses and sunglasses as well as frames and lenses. Whether you’re a wayfarer or a round glasses kind of person, we stock the newest glasses from some of the world’s biggest fashion houses.

Visit Optometrist Parramatta today

For a comprehensive and customer-centred eye care service, visit Optometrist Parramatta today. From childhood to adulthood, we’re helping locals in Parramatta, Harris Hills, Baulkham Hills and beyond with bespoke eyewear solutions that they are happy with. There are glasses for every face, and a solution for every person.

Come down to our George Street shop today, shop from our wide range online, or give us a ring on 9891 2020 to speak to our friendly staff!

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