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360° eye exam

No one can assess the health of your eyes in ten minutes. Our 360° Eye Test is a thorough assessment to monitor for any changes to the health of your eyes, as well as check your prescription. In this exam, we'll perform a retinal scan, and check for glaucoma, cataracts, macular degeneration & other conditions. The exam goes for approximately 45 minutes.


Our 360 Eye Test is claimable under Medicare, similar to bulk billing. You pay for your eye test, then our staff can rebate you from Medicare immediately, on the spot. This depends on your eligibility, but we can easily check this for you in store at the time of the exam. In addition, please note that the retinal scan is not covered by Medicare, but some health funds do cover this cost.

Select 360 Exam to get the complete picture of your vision today!

Short Exam (existing patients only)

New patients, please select 360 Exam

Current patients, this exam is for you ONLY if it's been about 12 months since your last check with us - if it's been more than two years, you're in for the 360 Exam

This is a short examination which checks whether or not your prescription has changed. It is generally done yearly, or if you feel your eyes have changed and it's been less than 24 months since your last 360 exam.

Select Short Exam to get started.

For contact lenses, please see Contact Lens Check-up below.

Pre-existing Eye Condition Exam

If you live with diabetes, macular degeneration or glaucoma, it is important to have a yearly exam to make sure that your vision is not deteriorating. Keeping on top of your ocular health is always important, but even more so when you’ve been diagnosed with certain conditions that make you more susceptible to vision loss.


This exam includes retinal scans but may also include eye drops and can take up to an hour.

This exam is fully rebatable every 12 months, and we can rebate you on the spot from Medicare.


Free yourself from your glasses! Orthokeratology is a revolutionary technology which can stop you from ever needing to wear glasses or lenses again! 


The Ortho-K Assessment includes a 360 Eye Test, retinal photography and speial corneal scanning to assess your suitability for the Ortho-K procedures. The price of Ortho-K varies depending on the complexity of the individual's eyes, but it can be partially covered by some health funds or Medicare under certain conditions. 

Select Ortho-K Assessment to book in a commitment-free evaluation. At the preliminary exam, an optometrist will assess your eligibility and provide personalised information on fees. 

contact lens yearly eye test

Do you wear contact lenses? Have you had a professional assess the effect that lenses have on your eyes? An annual review while wearing your contact lenses is important to check that your prescription is still accurate, as well as assessing the health of the eye with contact lens wear.


Select Contact Lens Checkup to book a contact lens eye test today. 

emergency /
foreign body removal

If you have an emergency, such as a foreign body in your eye or are experiencing symptoms like flashes, or a sudden onset of spots or cobwebs, do not make an appointment online, please call us immediately on (02) 9891 2020.

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