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We sell Bausch and Lomb contact lenses, Alcon contact lenses & Provision contact lenses online and in store.

We have a range of the best contact lens brands Paramatta and Sydney customers can use for inconspicuous eyesight correction.

Contact lenses are a discrete, non-invasive way to improve eyesight. They are excellent for customers who want to pursue sports or simply would like to show the natural beauty of their face, free of the encumbrance of glasses, while also enjoy the optimal vision they need to feel confident in their lives. For “contact lenses near me” in Paramatta, contact Optometrist Paramatta today. 

Order Provision Contact lenses online at great prices!

As a member of Provision, we have access to all premium Provision contact lenses, both online and in store. Looking for no-fuss, disposable daily contact lenses? Our daily contact lens ranges include ProView Contact LensesProView Perform Contact Lenses and ProView Elite Contact Lenses lenses. For a longer wear schedule, our fortnightly contact lenses include ProActive Air Contact Lenses, available for both spherical and astigmatism prescriptions. For full time contact lens wear, our monthly ProBalance range is available in spherical, astigmatic and multifocal prescriptions.

Forgot to order your contact lenses?

We know it's easy to forget, which is why all orders over $99 are sent via Express Post FREE. We ship direct from our warehouse to your doorstep, meaning you'll have your contact lenses in no time at all. We also offer great discounts on larger orders, with up to 40% off RRP for yearly supplies across all Provision contact lenses- another great reason to shop with us.

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Want to try Provision Contact Lenses?

Make the switch to ProVision Contact Lenses or get fitted with contact lenses for the first time. With a variety of different materials, prescriptions and wear time, we can guarantee there is a Provision lens that's perfect for your eyes.


Whether you prefer the ease of disposable daily contact lenses such as Proview Elite contact lenses, or wear your contact lenses more frequently and prefer fortnightly or monthly lenses such as Proactive or ProBalance contact lenses, we will find the perfect pair for you. Our lenses use the latest materials designed to maximise wear time and reduce dryness and discomfort, meaning perfect vision all day long without hassle.

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