correct your eyes while

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what is orthokeratology

Ortho-K is a safe, reversible and non-surgical way to correct your vision overnight.


It involves wearing a customised, hard contact lens while you sleep, which gently reshapes your eye to correct your vision - just like a dental retainer.


We take very precise measurements of the shape of your corneas to create customised, rigid contact lenses. These are worn overnight and gently reshape the surface of the eye while you sleep- much like a dental retainer.

When you remove the lenses in the morning, the eye maintains its moulded shape throughout the day, leaving you with clear vision without the need for glasses or contact lenses! Active individuals can freely participate in sports without the bother of glasses or contact lenses.

what are the benefits of ortho-k?

As these lenses are worn only while asleep, dryness and eye irritation that can occur with soft contact lens wear is minimised.

Ortho-K has also been found to potentially prevent vision from worsening too quickly. This potential as a preventative technology is very exciting, particularly for younger generations who are generally more affected than their parents due to the huge increase in time spent on digital devices and lack of outdoor activity.



Ortho-K  is suitable for all ages, however it is generally most successful in younger patients. It is best for those who are shortsighted and who's prescription is between the ranges of –0.50 and –5.00, with minimal astigmatism. However, to accurately determine whether or not you will be suitable, a specialised contour map (corneal topography) of the eyes must be taken.

If you are worried about your prescription changing and in particular about your child's eyesight getting progressively worse, Ortho-Keratology might be just what you've been looking for.




Ortho-K has been successfully used since 1962. It requires experience and specialised skills, meaning not all Optometrists are able to fit these lenses, but at Optometrist Parramatta we are experienced with this treatment.

As with all innovative technology, the design of Ortho-K lenses have evolved since their inception. Modern design lenses have a far higher success rate than the original designs, particularly at myopia control. We now see very high rates of success.

Because it is a temporary and reversible treatment, Ortho-K is considered a very safe technology with almost no potential negative side effects; even if you decide to discontinue the treatment, once you stop wearing the contact lenses your eyes will simply revert back to their original, uncorrected state.



The great thing about Ortho-K is that after a bit of adaption, most people don't feel the lenses at all! They are a hard contact lens, so when you first insert them you can feel them, but like a retainer, your eyes adapt and as you sleep you will forget they're even there!



If you have ever thought of doing laser surgery or being rid of your contact lenses or glasses, this technique may be suitable for you! Ortho-K is typically half the cost of Lasik eye surgery, with none of the risks or potential side effects.



As Ortho-K is an incredibly personalised service, prices vary depending on the prescription and the complexity of the eyes. Ortho-K is typically half the cost of Lasik eye surgery, with none of the risks or potential side effects. Some health funds partially rebate Ortho-K, so Ortho-K can be claimed with your health fund, depending on your cover. The inital assessment for Ortho-K is rebatable under medicare, depending on eligibility. In some cases the Ortho-K eye test can be fully rebated from medicare.

THE three step process

Step 1 - Suitability 

The first step is to book in for a for a comprehensive Ortho-K assessment appointment to assess your suitability for Ortho-K. In this exam, your optometrist will do a comprehensive 360° eye examination including retinal photography and also do a Corneal Topography- this is an advanced, non-invasive medical imaging technique which maps the surface of your eye- much like a topographic map used in geography. This allows us to create lenses fully customised to your individual eyes.

Step 2 - Trial Lenses and Lens Care

Your optometrist will then order you a pair of trial lenses. You will return for a fitting, where they will show you how to correctly and safely insert, remove and care for these special lenses. You may notice that the lenses are a little uncomfortable and strange at first - this is totally normal.  Similar to wearing in new shoes, the contact lenses typically become more comfortable the more you wear them- in time you won't even notice them!

Step 3 - Final Lenses... and Great Vision Round the Clock! 

A quick aftercare appointment is done after the first night's wear, and then after seven nights wear- ideally in the morning as close to the time you have removed the lenses as possible. This is to check if any minor adjustments are required and to monitor your progress with the lenses. By the end of the first week, you should experience great vision throughout the day without any need for correction!

The optometrist will then order your final lenses, designed around your individual eyes. A follow-up is generally performed after one, six and twelve months into your Ortho-K wear to monitor your progress with the lenses.

You can now claim a portion of your Ortho-K with your private health insurance!

Give us a call on 02 9891 2020 or request an appointment to find out if you are suitable for Ortho K today!

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