Perfect Vision In All Light Conditions- Transitions Drivewear™

Polarised sunglasses can significantly improve clarity and contrast, but no single lens colour or tint is perfect for all weather and light conditions.

Until now.

Meet the new Transitions Drivewear™, the first polarised transition lens that actually changes colour to suit the light you're exposed to- that means great clarity and contrast no matter what.

If you have spoken to us about sunglasses in the past, we likely discussed the differences between the three most common sunglasses lens colours- grey for full, bright sunlight, brown for medium to overcast conditions, and green for low light and optimal contrast for sports like golf.

Unfortunately light conditions aren't fixed and no one lens is perfect all the time; you might find your grey sunglasses perfect at the beach, but a little too dark when it's overcast, in the afternoon or when you're driving.

For most people this isn't much of an issue, but for those who rely on their lenses for perfect clarity and contrast whilst playing sports, fishing, shooting, cycling or driving, it can limit your performance.

Transitions Drivewear™ actually change COLOUR to optimise clarity and vision depending on the type of light you're exposed to.

The photochromic technology automatically darkens the lens tint in bright light and lightens the tint in low light. With 100% UV blockage, Transitions Drivewear is also polarized to block blinding glare and to help you see deeper into the water.

This lens is the ideal solution for all conditions you might face on the water, the road or the green; from dark early mornings to glaring sun, from overcast conditions and fog to long afternoon shadows, from rain to the low light of dusk.

In low light or overcast conditions, the lenses change to an olive colour, which provides high light transmission and minimises glare- the perfect colour for great contrast on the green.

Behind the windscreen, the lenses activate to a copper colour, which enhances colour recognition and depth perception.

In bright outdoor light, the lenses activate to dark brown, filtering excess light to provide maximum comfort and glare reduction.

Read more on the Transitions Drivewear website here

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