Do You See What I See? | Eye Disease Awareness

Been a while since your last eye test? Don’t forget, getting an eye test is about more than just needing glasses - and now is a great time to book your next appointment with us.

This summer, Optometrist Parramatta is partnering with Bayer Australia and the Macular Disease Foundation Australia to help improve the eye health of over 36,000 Parramatta locals who are at increased risk of developing some of the leading causes of vision loss 1,2.

The Do You See What I See? initiative aims to increase understanding that early signs of eye disease aren’t always clear. Many eye diseases have no early symptoms, and you may see no change in your vision until eye disease has progressed 3,4.

The Do You See What I See? initiative uses optical illusions to remind people to look twice to take in what they are seeing beyond face value. It calls on locals in Parramatta aged over 50 to have a regular eye test, as detecting eye disease early provides the best chances of saving sight 3,4,5.

Here at Optometrist Parramatta we’re encouraging you to book your next eye test this summer and take advantage of our latest offer of half price retinal images!

Click here to book your next appointment or contact our team on 02 9891 2020. We look forward to seeing you soon.


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