Alright, parents - holiday is over!

Every parent wants to ensure their child reaches all their developmental and educational

milestones. But for a child to perform at their best, their eyes need to as well.

Did you know that children rely on their vision for 80% of their learning?

At Optometrist Parramatta, we not only evaluate the sharpness of your child’s vision,

we examine the internal and external health of the eyes and assess how well they work together as a team. If required, we provide a tailored eyecare solution that considers lifestyle and vision needs.

Good vision is crucial for a child’s educational, physical and social development.

Every parent wants to ensure their child sees every opportunity coming their way. But for a child to perform at their best, their eyes need to be working at their best as well.

Children often assume their vision is just like everyone else’s, which means that vision problems can easily go undetected.

In fact, a staggering 1 in 5 kids have an undetected vision problem that can interfere with their ability to learn and absorb information.

Look out for the symptoms:

- Noticeable tilting or turning their head

- Frequently blinking or rubbing eyes

- Red or watery eyes

- Difficulty reading or holding a book very close

- Headaches and blurred or double vision

- Squinting

- One eye turning in or out

Put an eye test on your back-to-school checklist

Whether they’re just starting out or well into their schooling, adding an eye test to your back-to-school list this year will give you peace of mind that your child won’t miss a thing.

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