ProBalance Contact Lenses

Sleep in ProBalance Contact lenses for up to 6 nights. Yep, You heard us.

Sleeping in your contact lenses was once a big no-no and often leaves wearers with sore, dry eyes the next day. No longer! Not only can you sleep in ProBalance Contact Lenses, but they can be worn up to six nights/seven days continuously before you have to take them out. With their unique silicone hydrogel material, these premium lenses provide superior comfort and visual performance you may have never thought possible in contact lenses.

Monthly replacement lens for all prescriptions.

Designed for those who wear their contact lenses frequently, ProBalance Contact lenses have a monthly replacement schedule and come in all prescriptions types- whether single vision, astigmatism or multifocal

Breathable Design That Locks in Moisture to Keep Your Eyes Healthy and bright

All ProBalance lenses feature Coopervision's patented Aquaform® Technology. This combination of material technologies provides a uniquely comfortable, high-performance lens that lets your eyes breathe and stay moist naturally.

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