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~ Save over 40% the monthly cost when you purchase a years supply of contact lenses! ~

Proview Daily Contact Lenses by Provision are designed for comfort and stable constant vision. You can now enjoy using hassle free daily toric lenses. No cleaning, no solutions and a new set of lenses every day. The advanced horizontal iso-thickness design with junctionless front surface allows the eyelid to encounter a smooth surface on every blink, maximising comfort.


- Crisp vision at all distances
- As comfortable as they are advanced
- Water loving lens material
- Beneficial for eye health

Each box contains 30 daily disposable lenses.

Unsure how many to order?

How many boxes? Discount Two Eyes One Eye
2 8% 1 Month Supply 2 Month supply
6 30% 3 Month Supply 6 Month Supply
24 42% 12 Month Supply 2 Year Supply
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