ProView Elite Contact Lenses

Get out there. ProView Elite lenses will keep up.

ProVision ProView Elite contact lenses have everything you need for an exceptional overall daily contact lens experience: uncompromised all-day comfort, easy lens insertion and removal, and a highly breathable lens that helps provides a healthier1 lens-wearing experience. That’s ProView Elite—lenses you’ll put in and forget about until you’re ready to call it a day.

Simply Smarter Chemistry: ProView Elite with Smart Silicone™

Smart Silicone is a revolutionary breakthrough in lens chemistry that enables ProView Elite lenses to provide uncompromised comfort throughout your day. Smart Silicone™ delivers oxygen to your eyes much more efficiently than other daily disposable brands—while using less silicone.* Here’s why that’s important: less silicone means there’s more room for moisture, making it a naturally water-friendly lens material . Less silicone also makes the ProView Elite lens exceedingly soft—our softest silicone hydrogel lens yet!

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