Style Guide: The 60's

With winter settling in, many of us start to feel bored or restless and crave a change. One of the simplest ways to update your look without getting a whole new wardrobe is by changing your eyewear!
Whether it's a bold statement for part-time eyewear, or a more subtle change for all-day wearers, we've got you covered; here's our go-to guide to some of our favourite current trends in eyewear: 60's Fever! Yep, designers are borrowing from this beloved decade to brighten up your winter blues!
If that all sounds a little too out there for you, fear not! There was so much diversity in this decade, from the more conservative early 60's into full-blown retro madness in the late 60's, there's something for everyone here.
Early 60's: Parisian Chic
For those who are more Audrey Hepburn than Mary Quant. Think timeless elegance, brooding beauty and classic vintage.

1. Kate Spade 'Kandi' and 'Genice'

Designed for petite ladies, the Kate Spade AW collection is as diverse as the decade which inspired them; these two will complete a killer-fem look.Great for: The angular frames will balance out rounder faces nicely, and look super edgy against defined cheekbones.Avoid: Rectangular and square faces with a strong jaw
2. Gucci 'Cat-Eye Glasses' in Dark Tort and 'Cat Eye Sunglass' in White Pearl

The look: Reminiscent of early 60's Parisian baby doll. Rooted in the more conventional style of the 50's, but more daring. Think Hepburn with a little Brigitte Bardot thrown in. The sunglasses are the perfect embodiment of this look.
Great for: Creating an eye-catching yet elegant look, with enough vintage thrown in. Suits most face shapes, particularly those with prominent cheek bones and rectangular/square faces.
Avoid: those with high cheekbones or rounded cheeks, wide foreheads and heart-shaped/round faces, dog people (reow).
Not sold? If you love the look but aren't sure if they're too bold for full-time wear, try them with single vision/desk lenses for at work or home. Couple with corporate wear for a super chic look, or go all-out hipster with some vintage wear.
All eyes will certainly be on you!

3. Silhouette- Titan Minimal sunglasses and Titan Accent optical frame

More subtle than other frames, Silhouette are masters of understated elegance. The new Titan range refreshes their signature minimalist style with fun 60's shapes that are eye-catching whilst still maintaining their barely-there look.
The Titan Accent collection errs into the mid to late 60's, with their temples in expressive and lively prints.
Late 60's: Retro and ready to rumble!
  1. Kate Spade Lorelle

The look: Young, quirky and retro, the Kate Spade signature piece is as carefree 60's as you'll get! This baby pink number sports beautiful rose-coloured lenses (which offer lovely contrast, particularly for those dull winter days) into an easy-to-wear square shape.One look at these and everyone will want to peak through your rose coloured glasses!
Great for: Kate Spade is designed specifically for petite ladies and those with smaller faces.
Avoid: Large faces or those with a rounder shape.

2. Maui Jim's 'Nahiku' in White Pearl and 'Orchid' in rasberry tort

The look: Maui Jim are renowned for producing some of the best lenses in the world. No matter how much you spend on your sunglasses, we guarantee they won't match the comfort, optical clarity and glare reduction of Maui's.
Initially released only in sportier styles, the new range is on-trend and fabulous.
Embodying the same bold colours and designs as the Kate Spade, but with softer, rounder shapes more aligned with the classic "60's" look.
Whoever said beauty was pain hadn't tried on a pair of Maui Jims. Great style AND the best lenses in the world? You may never go back.
Great for: The rounder shapes will balance out angular faces and soften defined cheekbones for a feminine look. The Orchid is more 60's-esque as opposed to in your face retro, and looks great on petite faces.
Avoid: Small or very petite faces may be overpowered by the rounder shape of the Nahiku- try the Orchid!

Back to back: Gucci 'Oval Sunglasses' (left) and the Maui Jim 'Nahiku' (right)

3.Gucci 'Oval-frame' sunglasses

Hello Hepburn; need I say more?
P.S. Need a little more inspiration? Check out chapter one of Gucci's four-part short film here!

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