Blue light blocking, computer glasses, eye strain lenses - what does it all mean?

There are ads and reports everywhere about using blue light computer glasses - but what does this mean for you and your eyes? Anti-fatigue glasses, also known as blue light or computer glasses, is a growing space due to the increased use and time spent on digital devices - but not all are the same.

With the ever increasing rate of time spent looking at computers, screens and phones, there are now lenses which have been designed specifically to not just help you with these tasks, but alleviate the toll it takes on our eyes. The introduction of this category of eyewear - known as 'Anti-fatigue' - is fairly new to the market, however optometrists have been utilising this technology now for a few years.

The concept of anti-fatigue eyewear is based on the two components which contribute to eye strain - the long hours of intensive time spent on close range digital devices and also on the ideal of limiting the amount of blue light emitted from these devices passing through the eye.

but which lenses are best for you? Most of the leading lens labs have invested technology into creating lenses to deal with both of these issues but be careful - not all lenses are created equal!

Both the Nikon Relaxsee Neo ranges and Hoya Dynamic Sync ranges have been created for the demands of a digital environment and have eliminated the symptoms associated with eye strain and fatigue. Each of their designs has been tailored to deliver the best optics alongside the highest quality blue control technology coatings.

To find the best option for you and your eyes, feel free to drop in and chat to any of our staff or book yourself in for an appointment with one of our optometrists

Want to read more? Check out the links below for specifics on the lenses available -

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