Headaches, Sore Eyes or Neck Pain at work?

It's early in the afternoon and you're busy at work. You're struggling to focus on your work. Your eyes feel sore and tired. You have a headache or a sore neck and shoulders. It's hard to concentrate. You feel restless, frustrated or distracted, or simply like you just can't look at a computer screen any more. You haven't been sleeping well and it's making you feel worse.

Does any of this sound familiar?

If so, you're likely experiencing symptoms of Digital Eye Strain.

While technology may help us with our productivity and work, it can be a real pain when it comes to our vision - literally! Most people who spend a long time on computers or other digital devices like mobiles and tablets will have symptoms of Digital Eye Strain, and it can really impact your comfort, mood, productivity at work - even your sleep!

What is Digital Eye Strain?

Digital Eye Strain is eye strain that is caused by use of technology. Smaller screens, high levels of blue light, less blinking, poor posture and simply too much time on computers and mobiles cause digital eye strain. All these factors are the reason most people experience some kind of discomfort when using digital devices for a extended periods.

Symptoms of Digital Eye Strain include headaches, sore eyes, red eyes, poor concentration, difficulty falling asleep, neck or shoulder pain- and of course, irritability due to all of these things!

So, what can you do?

If you're experiencing any symptoms of Digital Eye Strain, a pair of anti-fatigue glasses with a blue light filter could drastically help improve your work day! Anyone who uses their computer or mobile for more than a few hours a day can benefit from anti-fatigue lenses, as they help block out blue light. They can also help improve your sleep,

The great thing is, there are all sorts of anti-fatigue lenses available and you don't even need a prescription! If you do have a prescription, there are anti-fatigue lenses available for you that will help you feel more comfortable while you work at a computer.

Our Anti-Fatigue Glasses Packages start at just $299 - that's the same price as a cup of coffee a day for just three months! And remember- not all lenses are created equal! We use only the highest quality lenses from Nikon, Essilor and Hoya. Feel free to drop in and chat to any of our staff or book yourself in for an appointment with one of our optometrists here:

Want to read more? Check out the links below for some of our tried and tested anti-fatigue lenses

Read a little on our favorite tried-and-tested Anti Fatigue Lenses:

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