Contact Lenses...So long Glasses!

Contact lenses are a safe, convenient and flexible alternative to wearing glasses. Find out more about contact lenses, suitability and the process of getting fitted with contacts below

Note: This article is about general purpose contact lenses. Click here for information on contact lenses for Ortho K and Keratoconus.

At Optometrist Parramatta, we love glasses! With the array of beautiful designs, colours, styles and brands, your glasses can be the ultimate fashion accessory, and changed to suit your mood, style and season.

However, there are times when wearing glasses can interfere with your lifestyle. Travelling, playing sports, being around young children or even your work- sometimes glasses just don't work.

Enter contact lenses!

Contact lenses are a safe, convenient and flexible alternative to wearing glasses. But did you know up to 50% of contact lens wearers fail in the first year? At Optometrist Parramatta, our success rate is approximately 90%! Failure often occurs due to contact lens discomfort, which means the design or material of the lens isn't quite working with your eyes. But, at Optometrist Parramatta, our optometrists have a special interest in contact lenses, which means your eyes are truly in the hands of the experts!


Just like spectacle frames, there are many different types of contact lenses available. The contact lens that is best for you may be very different to what someone else wears.

Contact lenses come in both single vision and multifocal prescriptions and can also be used to correct astigmatism. Furthermore, different contacts can be used for different lengths of time- daily disposable lenses offer convenient and are low maintenance, while monthly reusable lenses tend to be a little more comfortable and may suit some wearers more.

As different designs of contact lenses will sit differently on your eye, at Optometrist Parramatta, your optometrist will conduct a thorough contact lens fitting to find the perfect lens for you.


If you have a proper contact lens fitting, attend your scheduled eye examinations and follow the instructions given to you by your optometrist, you can successfully wear contact lenses nearly as safely as glasses. However, when patients fail to follow advice regarding the care and maintenance of their contact lenses (or over-wear their contact lenses) complications can arise. In the case of extended wear contact lenses (where the same lens are left in the eye and slept in for up to 30 days), the risk of infection can be up to 10 times more likely, but if you follow your optometrist's recommendations, the likeliness of problems arising are minimal.


Today, an incredibly large range of prescriptions can be corrected by contact lenses. If you play sport or don't like to wear glasses, contact lenses may be the perfect solution for you! You can also get coloured contact lenses WITH your prescription! The first step to wearing contact lenses is to have an eye examination with your optometrist to check your prescription and assess the health of your eyes.


No! While many people have experienced discomfort or problems with contact lenses in the past, the technology around contact lenses has vastly improved and will continue to do so. Contact lenses today are better than ever, and at Optometrist Parramatta we are happy to work with you to find a contact lenses that is both comfortable for you and provides clear vision. Your optometrist can also recommend certain lubricants which may improve comfort while wearing contact lenses.

How do i go about getting contact lenses?

Before you can trial contact lenses, you will need to have a 360° comprehensive eye exam. This involves checking the health of your eyes and determines whether you're suitable for contact lenses. During this exam your optometrist will also determine your contact lens prescription- which may differ from your spectacle prescription- and order some trial contacts for you.

Once the trials arrive, you return for a second appointment known as a Contact Lens Fit. The optometrist inserts the trial lenses, you wear them for 1-2 hours and return for a quick check. Note that there are many lens types, materials and designs on the market, so you may trial a few different lenses before finding the perfect fit- there are no charges for additional trials.

Once you're happy with the lenses, the optometrist will teach you how to correctly and safely insert and remove your contact lenses.You may notice that the lenses are a little uncomfortable and strange at first - this is totally normal. Similar to wearing in new shoes, the contact lenses typically become more comfortable the more you wear them- in time you won't even notice them!

After one month wearing the contacts, we will see you for an aftercare appointment to follow-up with you on how the contact lenses are going and make any adjustments needed.


Book Online for a contact lens fitting. Alternatively, you can give us a call on (02)98912020 or email us and let us know you are interested in trying contact lenses!

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