World Glaucoma week 2020

This week is World Glaucoma Week, or #WGW2020!

At Optometrist Parramatta, we always encourage everyone to get regular eye tests, but if you have a family history of Glaucoma or any other eye condition, it's even more important to keep up to date with your #360eyetests!

Did you know that if you have a family history of Glaucoma, you are up to 10 times more at risk of developing it yourself? While an eye test may not always be at the top of your health priorities, avoiding it won't help!

Like most eye conditions, Glaucoma is a progressive condition- meaning it gets worse the longer it's left untreated! This means the earlier you are diagnosed, the better chance you'll have of maintaining good vision for as long as possible.

So don't delay- Book in for a 360 Eye Test Today.

Read more about Glaucoma here:

Book a 360 Eye Test online:

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