Helpful Tips: How To Keep Your Eyes Feeling Good This Winter!

Winter can be harsh on our eyes but there are some really simple ways to keep them feeling good!

Dry Eyes? Harsh winds and indoor heating can deplete the natural moisture in our eyes. Wearing sunglasses outdoors, drinking more water and blinking more can help alleviate dry itchy eyes, as can over-the-counter lubricating eye drops. We always recommend starting with natural, preservative-free saline as opposed to drops with preservatives, as these can actually worsen dry eye.

Optive Eye Drops in single-use vials

Optive is one brand that offers saline drops in small, single-use vials. They are re-sealable, which means you can use them over the course of the day, but as they have no preservatives they should be thrown out at end of the day to avoid bacteria. They are small, so you can easily carry a few with you wherever you are- in your handbag, in your car, in your suitcase- to freshen up your eyes whenever you need.

Sun Protection (Yes, in Winter too) Although the sun seems to disappear in winter, it is simply sitting at a lower angle in the sky causing more harmful UV exposure. So, put on those sunnies to protect your eyelids and skin around the eye from UV damage.

Give Your Eyes a Break Our tendency to hibernate means our eyes spend more time in front of screens (hello Netflix!). Giving them a break (every 20 minutes, focus 20 feet (6m) away for 20 seconds) will help keep digital eye strain symptoms at bay. If you find you're experiencing sore, tired eyes in front of the screen and this persists over a few days, you might be suffering from Digital Eye Strain. A pair of anti-fatigue glasses could really help improve your day at work or uni. Other symptoms of Digital Eye Strain include headaches, sore neck and shoulders, difficulty concentrating on the screen and difficulty sleeping at night. Find out more here.

Do you have any favorite tips for keeping your eyes feeling fresh and bright throughout winter? Let us know below!

We’re passionate about helping you and your family enjoy a lifetime of healthy, clear vision. If you start to notice any changes in your vision or simply have a question, contact us or stop by. We are always here to help!

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