What Colour Lenses Are Best For Your Sport?

Heard about different coloured sunglass lenses and wondered which ones might be best for your sport? Whether it's golf, fishing, track days, cycling or motorbike riding, see our guide to find the perfect sunglasses for your sport!

1. Choose rose lenses for driving, motorbike riding and track days

Good for: driving, fast-action sports and a comfortable sunglass in winter.

Rose lenses are the perfect polarised sunglasses for anything on the road. Rose lenses let in a lot of light whilst still blocking 100% UV and reducing glare. They also improve contrast- perfect for seeing subtle changes to the road surface and great for spotting things like potholes. If you're a road cyclist which rides mostly in low light conditions, rose lenses could also be a great choice for you.

Motorbike riders, take note- we have tried and tested Maui Jim rose lenses whilst riding and found them incredible! We highly recommend a lens like this whilst riding to improve road safety. Are you a motorbike rider? Read our exclusive article on the best eyewear for motorbike riders here.

Rose lenses are also great in winter or in the afternoon, where light is less intense and grey or brown lenses can feel too dark. If you find this to be the care, rose lenses are a great option to make things look bright and peachy!

2. Go for Green Lenses for golf, tennis, football or fishing

Good for: anything on the green

Another lens with very high light transmission, green tinted lenses are bright and perfect in green environments and low light. Green sunglasses are great for golf, tennis or football. They provide better contrast than grey lenses and better colour perception than brown lenses.

Green lenses are also a great choice for fishing at dawn or dusk because they let in a lot of light whilst improving contast. Not everyone likes the green tint in green sunglasses, so they are often used just for sports rather than as an "everyday" pair of sunglasses.

3. Choose Yellow Lenses for shooting, mountain biking and indoor sports

Good for: low light...John Lennon had it right!

Similar to yellow fog lights on vehicles, yellow lens tints provide greater clarity in low light, fog and hazy conditions. They make a good choice for high-speed sports such as shooting, mountain biking and indoor sports.

Yellow lenses are also sometimes recommended to help ease night blindness, but the jury is out on this one. If you struggle with glare while driving at night, yellow lenses can help, but there are newer design lenses (and even contact lenses) that are made to help ease strain driving at night which may be more effective. Ask us about solutions for driving at night.

In the past, yellow lenses were also prescribed to ease digital eye strain, however there are now more effective and advanced lenses tailored for digital use, which have a blue-light filter built-in. This technology is far more effective at easing digital eye strain than yellow lenses. To find out more about digital eye strain and digital eyewear solutions, click here.

4. Choose Grey lenses for any outdoor sports

Good for: direct sunlight, anything out on the water and the beach

The most popular lens colour, grey or "black" lenses are perfect for general use. They don't let in a lot of light so are perfect in bright, sunny conditions like on the water, at the beach or anywhere where glare reduction is a priority. Grey lenses also don't alter colour perception in any way, so they are suitable for any sport. Grey lenses can feel a little too dark in afternoon or lower light conditions for some people.

5. Choose Brown lenses for any outdoor sports

Good for: Variable conditions and the perfect all-rounder

The second most popular lens colour, brown lens tints are also an excellent general purpose pair. Brown sunglasses are medium light transmission, making them perfect for variable everyday conditions.

Brown lenses are an excellent choice if you find grey lenses a little too dark, particularly during lower light conditions like in the afternoon or partly cloudy/overcast weather. Because they contain a red element, they enhance depth perception and contrast, but more subtly than rose lenses. Brown lenses are suitable for all sports and uses.

Things to keep in mind

No matter what special coloured lens you might choose for your sport, we highly recommend polarised lenses. Polarised lenses have additional filters in the lens that reduce glare- really important for anyone who takes their hobby or sport seriously! There is a big difference between polarised and non polarised lenses in terms of comfort, vision quality and glare reduction.

Another thing to consider is that some brands still make polarised glass lenses (such as Rayban). Here's why you should avoid glass lenses at all costs whilst playing sport:

  • Safety. Glass lenses are not impact resistant and can shatter if hit. Glass lenses can break while playing sports or if you fall and cause serious injury and even blindness. People have had their faces cut quite deeply because they had a fall wearing glass lenses.

  • Optical clarity. The main reason that glass lenses still exist is because of their perceived supreme optical clarity. Whilst this was once true, advancements in technology mean that there are polycarbonate lenses which offer clarity almost indistinguishable to glass lenses with none of the risks. Maui Jim makes some of the best polarised lenses in the world (and in all of the lens colours listed above for your sport!) We stock Maui Jim sunglasses at Optometrist Parramatta.

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