Why you should avoid glass lenses

Ouch! Can you guess what caused this cut?

Before Vs After - Our friend after an update- all healed, some funky new glasses, with NO glass lenses this time!

This cut was caused by GLASS lenses being used in a frame. This friend of ours had a fall whilst wearing her glasses and the lens broke, unfortunately cutting her face deeply.

These glasses were bought as a "cheap" pair and caused serious injury. Both she and her family were unaware that she was even wearing lenses made of glass, nor that they could be dangerous!

Glass lenses are mostly considered outdated technology and rarely used in eyewear anymore due to safety concerns. If the lenses shatter under impact, you risk injuring your eyes or face and could potentially even lose your vision!

Could you be wearing glass lenses?

Glass lenses are sometimes still used in eyewear made in India, Bangladesh and other parts of Asia- you guessed it, the low cost comes at a cost!

At Optometrist Parramatta, we never prescribe glass lenses- your vision is important to us and we would never compromise that.

What about sunglasses?

You can also occasionally find glass lenses used in some polarised sunglasses including Maui Jim. The reason for this is that glass traditionally offered superior optical quality and scratch resistance compared to polycarbonate lenses.

Maui Jim has actively developed their technology to create a polycarbonate lens material that is lighter, safer and has optical properties almost identical to that of glass. Unless specifically requested, we only sell Maui Jim sunglasses in their polycarbonate materials.

Who's at a higher risk?

You shouldn’t find glass in any of your eyewear. If you have glass lenses, you could be putting yourself at risk.

Higher risk categories include:

- Those with a high-falls risk & the elderly

- Any activity where there is a risk of collision, fall or impact: driving, motorcyclists, cyclists, while playing sports

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